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Used by professional sports teams & medical professionals for optimal injury and surgery recovery. Our state of the art, FDA approved cold-therapy system targets specific problem areas to help us all age gracefully, and live a happy, active, pain-free life!

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“Game Ready is the best system I’ve ever seen for the treatment of acute or chronic injury. I know the Game Ready System works well, because every time I apply it to one of our Special Warfare Operators, I can consistently—and most importantly—objectively measure a one half centimeter reduction in post exercise edema response. I highly recommend it to anyone working with athletes who need to get back into action as quickly as possible.”

Chris Spalding, ATC
Director of Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation
Naval Special Warfare Group THREE

“I recently had a fractured right ankle and sprained it on a Sunday. I was provided the Game Ready System to use on a Monday. I was immediately in heaven from the moment I put it on. Between the compression and cooling, it helped me instantaneously with pain relief and to get the swelling under control…I continued using Game Ready over the cast for a week. The swelling went down permanently one week sooner than expected…There is no doubt in my mind that the initial cooling and compression provided by this system helped to accelerate the healing for me!”

Bob Willis

“One of the toughest things about being a Major League Baseball player is getting through the long season. Game Ready is an essential part of my training routine – it is the key to recovery for my arms, legs, shoulders…basically my entire body. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for something that’s really effective and easy to use.”

Mike Leake
MLB Pitcher, Cincinnati Reds

Since using the unit my recovery has been fantastic. So far, I’ve reached my rehab goals at least 3-4 weeks ahead of schedule! My surgeon said it was the best recovery from ACL surgery he’s seen. My limp is gone and I’m already riding motocross three times a week, one month ahead of schedule! Thanks so much!”

Marla Streb
Team Luna Women’s Mountain Bike Team

“For my patients, Game Ready reduces pain after both injury and surgery, helping them to wean off of their pain medication faster, resulting in an earlier return to work. Game Ready also reduces swelling, leading to a faster and better return of motion, thereby reducing the risk of secondary complications.”

Marc R. Safran, MD
Stanford University

US Ultimate
Eastern University
Notre Dame
Agnes Irwin
Conestoga High School
Episcopal Academy
Malvern Prep
Notre Dame Academy
Radnor High School
Applebrook Golf Club
Aronimink Country Club
Chester Valley Country Club
Gulph Mills Golf Club
Merion Golf Club
Overbrook Country Club
St. Davids Golf Club
Stonewall Golf Club
Waynesburough Country Club
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