Navigating your Appointment

Safety Protocol and Procedures for Appointments during Covid-19

What to Expect

  • Our office doors will be locked for the safety of our patients.

  • Upon arrival at our office, please stay in your vehicle until your practitioner comes out to allow you in. (Please allow 5 minutes post your appointment time before calling our office if you have not seen your practitioner).

  • Place your own mask/face covering on prior to getting out of your vehicle. (If you do not have a mask you may not be able to be seen; as our quantities are low).

  • Once you are escorted into the office, there will be a chair for you to sit in while you perform the following procedures:

  • Take your shoes off and place in the plastic bin next to the chair

  • Place all necessary and personal belongings into the same bin

  • If you have any forms, please make sure they have been completed PRIOR to your appointment.

  • The practitioner will then take your temperature and record it

  • IF you have a temperature, (>99.7) you will be asked to leave and call your primary care physician to be appropriately triaged and managed. YOU CANNOT BE SEEN WITH A FEVER or other FLU-LIKE SYMPTOMS.

  • You will then be asked to immediately wash your hands

  • After you have washed your hands, your practitioner will escort you to the treatment room where you will be treated

  • After your treatment, you will be asked to provide payment for services rendered. You will have the option and preference to keep your credit card vaulted on file for future ease and convenience.

  • You may then schedule a follow up appointment if necessary