Do I Need a Holistic Health Coach?

“Here at Strafford Chiropractic, we believe in a holistic (whole-listic) approach to having a healthy body.
The body is a complex piece of “equipment”. We know from research and experience that everything in
the body is in constant communication with itself. The brain talks to the gut, the spine talks with the
muscles, the organs talk to the muscles, and the list goes on. One of the ways we recommend our
clients take their health to the next level is through the new 6-week Holistic Health Coaching program
we are offering. This coaching program address two key areas: Nutrition and Lifestyle.

Practitioner stretching a patient.

Understanding NeuroKinetic Therapy

Do you live with pain on a daily basis?  Have you tried almost everything, but nothing has worked?  If so, have you heard of or tried NKT?  If not, that could be the missing link.  We are now offering NKT at Strafford Chiropractic in pursuit of helping our clients truly become pain-free.    NKT stands for NeuroKinetic Therapy, which is …

I Tried an Infrared Sauna Pod – Here’s What Happened

INFRARED SAUNA POD | Alina Gonzalez | | I’m a skeptical person by nature, and don’t buy in to hype when it comes to services with lofty claims—or any claims, for that matter. I need to see and experience results first-hand (true results), and only ever write about something and want to share its benefits with you if it …