Biomechanical analysis

Jenn Hartmann

Biomechanical analysis (including gait, posture and movement), when performed by an experienced movement expert, can provide diagnostic information pertaining to pain or dysfunction in every region of the body.  Walking requires the coordination of the entire body not merely the legs.  It is an entire body exercise and as such will inform the adequately knowledgeable clinician of the health of every component of the locomotor system.  Detailed gait analysis is a critical component of formulating any movement based diagnosis.

Posture screening in our office utilizes a patented digital screening tool that looks at roughly 20 different points on the body to determine the various forces being applied to your spine and muscles that create abnormal biomechanics and compensations that can cause chronic pain and dysfunction.


Squat Screening in our office utilizes a patented digital movement screening analysis that will identify a person or athlete’s likely Overactive and Underactive muscle groups that can be causing overcompensation and weaknesses in the body.  This analysis will provide an auto suggested list of corrective exercises for the person or athlete to implement in order to correct the problem or defeciency based on the screening results