Kinesiology taping

Jenn Hartmann

Kinesiology taping activates mechanoreceptors (the sensation of physical touch) and thus minimizes the pain sensation through innocuous, non-threatening stimulation.  This method of pain relief is a well-documented neurophysiological phenomenon known as The Gate Theory of Pain.   The tape also “folds” or “lifts” the skin away from the muscle and thereby decreases local tissue compression.  This translates to an increase in circulation and a decrease in local tissue inflammation.  Finally, the tape can be applied so that it does not “wrinkle” but instead provides biofeedback and encouragement into proper posture.  For example, the upper back can be taped in such a way as to create tension if the patient slouches into poor posture.  Upon feeling the stretch, the biofeedback works as a signal or a “reminder” to utilize proper posture and foster healthier movement habits.