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My name is David Dawson I am a professional cyclist for Team Skyline. Racing 50+ days per season and riding 12,000 miles per year. CBD oil has been a huge addition to my training and recovery regiment. It’s a reliable tool that I can count on for instant relief of pain and soreness from either day to day training or injury. The noticeable instant relief of stress and tension, but with lasting effects that allow for me to no longer use any additional pain management medication. With over a year of consistent implementation I am fully convinced on the improved legal benefits of CBD products. While continuing the exploration into further ways of implementing CBD products into my training and recovery methods.

I would like to thank you and Dr. Jenn for introducing me to Green Roads CBD products. I first used the 300MG Topical Cream for four weeks for back pain I was experiencing. When applied to my spine, the relief happened almost immediately. I was amazed. The relief lasted several hours and when re-applied, the pain relief was just as effective.

After sharing this experience, Dr. Jenn recommended I try the Green Roads CBD Oil (1750 MG) sublingual twice daily. The oil relieved the pain quickly and was effective longer. I have Multiple Sclerosis and in addition to helping with my back pain, it significantly reduced the MS spasticity and tightness I feel in my arms as well. I have been able to function more effectively. I can tell by the tightness in my body if I am ever late for my second dose. I have been using the CBD Oil for the past two months and am very grateful for the relief I have experienced.

Thank you very much Stafford Chiropractic & Healing Center!”

~ Beth Zeigler

Wondering how CBD can help you with digestion problems? CBD has been shown to help improve in the most difficult digestive conditions; such as Crohn’s Disease and Colitis. The two videos here will give you insight into one person’s personal account of how CBD has helped him curb his symptoms dramatically. For even more validation, check out the latest research here.

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