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Curious about the most recent surge of IV Nutrition? (Needle & Otherwise)

Looking for an infusion of vitamins to stay healthy and support Immune Responses?

We are the proud and only area distributor for IVToGo.
IVtoGo is the ONLY oral liposomal-based liquid hydration system based on the #MyersCocktail.

Containing a perfect balance of Vit C 🍊, ALL the B vitamins 🥩🥬 and Glutathione 🥑(aka the Master Guardian of the Cell and Master Antioxidant). Liposomes are the most efficient and effective way to be absorbed directly into the body’s cells. This means that IVtoGo can remain in circulation for days rather than just a few hours. Giving longer lasting benefits. Email us to purchase and/or ask any questions or concerns! #stayhealthy #ivhydration #convenient #boostimmunity

Email Us to Order
Don't forget that we are still open to DROP SHIP ANY of your regular health supplements. We also want to give you direct access to our ONLINE DISPENSARY HERE. Find all of your regular supplements that you may buy at Whole Foods or Costco.  During this time we are offering an additional 10% OFF any purchase. Each order is easy to set up and is sent directly to your door within 2-3 business days!

Standard Process Direct Access Order for our Patients

To get supplements shipped directly from Standard Process:

  • Go to Standard Process Website
  • Click on Patient Direct
  • Under Patients: Register for an Account
  • Enter Code: QJGR3C (all caps)
  • Click Verify and Agree
  • Fill Out Your Personal Information
  • Then Dr. Hartmann or Dr. Londer will approve your registration
  • Then you can order on-line!

If we already have the supplement(s) in the office, we can drop ship or deliver items to your door, in the local area.

Please email us at

to see if we have your supplements in store.

Thank you again for your continued trust and support in Strafford Chiropractic!