• Dr. Joe Lacava has been treating my neck and head for the last five months. For the last three years I have had constant headaches and neck pain due to two consecutive car accidents I was in. I have had more treatment than you can imagine in the last three years and nothing has seemed to work or last. When I came to Dr. Joe five months ago, my pain was worse than ever and I was extremely frustrated. Dr. Joe immediately encouraged me that things would get better and that he would do whatever he could to help me. He is persistent and treats my pain in a way that no one else has before. I have received more relief in the last five months than I have in the last three years. Dr. Joe is committed to helping relieve my pain once and for all and I am extremely grateful for him. Before I came to him, I had given up hope that I would ever have relief from my pain but now I am continually amazed at the relief I receive in Dr. Joe’s care.

  • Dr. Jen Hartman has been supervising my care for three months. Her professional demeanor is second to none. I had been going to a physical therapy group for six weeks and did not improve; in fact, I was regressing and the therapist could not answer my questions or provide an alternate treatment plan. Dr. Hartman explained my condition thoroughly and allowed time for my questions with sincere interest. My condition started to improve with her direct involvement at all phases of my rehabilitation/treatment. Before I became a patient of Dr. Jen, I had difficulty sleeping and had constant neck/shoulder pain. Now, within the past four weeks, I have more movement in my neck with less pain, I sleep more comfortably and can even complete nine holes of golf! I appreciate what Dr. Jen has done for me and would highly recommend her services!

  • We have begun the path to getting some lost mobility back and also taking care of the regular maintenance. If you are looking for a chiropractor that will give you homework, not afraid to get to the root of the issue and delivers solid information. She is the doctor for you.

  • Dr. Londer is not only a great chiropractor but a wonderful caring person. She takes the time to explain the treatment and things I can do on my own to help between appointments. She is very skilled in myofascial release therapy which has been extremely beneficial. Highly recommend her.

  • I’ve been working with Dr. Jenn for about six months and I’m amazed with the results. My back hasn’t been this flexible in 16 years. Thanks Dr. Jenn

  • Dr. Londer is an amazing chiropractor and also Myofascial release practitioner. She is the perfect combo for all of us desk jockeys needing the structural balancing with the relief from day to day life in the office.

  • Dr. Londer has been helping my pain for the last 6 years! She has been instrumental in my treatment along with my medical Doctors!! Her healing hands have changed my life for the better!! I had severe leg pain and shoulder pain and thru treatments and adjustments I am doing so much better!! I cannot say enough about her quality of care toward her patients!! She listens and hears her patients story of pain and is ready and so willing to help them get relief ! She is honest and caring and the best!

  • I found Dr Jenn through google. It looked like she had experience with athletes and that’s what I was looking for. I am a 40 something who has always been athletic and having a chiro that understands the demands that a highly active patient needs is critical.

  • As an avid road cyclist, I’ve had my fair share of injuries over the years. I’ve used Strafford Chiropractic to resolve multiple issues with a lot of success, and I’ve had several friends who have used them to resolve a variety of sports related injuries. I highly recommend them for both chiropractic and massage.

  • I have been going to a chiropractor since I was very young. This is by and far the best chiropractic experience I have ever had. They truly care about making you well and helping you to not only fix the issue but find the true cause that it does not keep occurring. Wellness is about the whole person. They get that here very much.

  • WOW! I met Dr. Jen for the first time today and am astonished with her level of expertise, the amount of time and attention she shared with me and how much better I felt upon departure. She is well versed in many areas which are important to me including nutrition, sports, supplements and overall body health. Prior to our visit, I was in extreme lower back and hip pain. After she spent an entire hour with me (more than any chiropractor has ever shared with me), the pain I was experiencing for over two weeks is already diminishing and I am confident will continue to improve. She shared various important recommendations and is highly educated. I highly recommend her and will continue to visit her regularly to keep my body in balance. Thank you Dr. Jen!

  • I think Dr. Jenn is fantastic! I’ve been to several other chiros before moving back to Wayne, and she is the most intuitive and invested one that I have known. I love her whole body approach, and each regular appointment usually involves some vibrating back pillow work at the beginning, her stretching you, and perhaps a stretch/movement demo for what will work at home to target your issue. An appointment for more acute trouble (more time and more $$) might include muscle stimulation or extra stretching. This is all in conjunction with the usual adjustments that you would expect. She is well trained in Chinese medicine and sports medicine, and can provide information on complementary treatment or products. HIGHLY recommend. She is also very personable and involved in the local community, which are big pluses.

  • Dr. Jenn and the rest of the crew at Strafford are superstars! As a competitive endurance athlete, I often push my body to the limits. Dr. Jenn knows how to keep me performing at a high level. In the event of an injury, she uses a holistic approach to diagnose the cause of the injury rather than the symptoms and her treatment plans are seldom limited to chiropractic adjustments. I firmly believe that I would not be able to consistently train at a high level without the help of Strafford Chiropractic.

  • This place is AMAZING! Dr. Jenn really knows her stuff and then some. She takes the time to figure out what’s really going on, which makes her much more than just your standard chiropractor.

  • I started with Dr Jenn when I moved here. I have never played golf so well. I hit my irons straight and longer than ever Amy helped me when I had pneumonia and my ribs were very sore from coughing.

  • In 2011 I discovered Strafford Chiropractic by winning a bet at work- I won a treatment for a back massage. I didn’t realize that winning this bet would literally change my life. I had long been suffering from plantar fasciitis, which runs in my family, and this ailment kept me from doing anything without pain. When Amie Hamel (the wonderfully gifted massage therapist at Strafford Chiropractic) started working on my feet, I complained about my symptoms and was told that Dr. Jenn Hartman (DC, FMS, Dietitian, LMT, etc. etc., also wonderfully gifted, etc.) would be able to treat my plantar fascia. I was skeptical because both of my parents had been struggling with Plantar Fasciitis for years- which apparently no amount of money could fix. After Dr. Jenn gave me a thorough evaluation, I asked her how to estimate the amount of treatments it would take for her to fix my problems (having already gained confidence in her expertise on the matter). It surprised me when Dr. Jenn actually responded with an exact number (8), because many medical specialists do not like to speculate incase their hypothesis happens to be incorrect. After 6 treatments of the “Graston Technique”, stim, ultrasound, and massage therapy etc., I had noticed significant progress. I could actually walk to the restroom first thing in the morning without limping. After treatment number 8- my plantar fasciitis was cured, and I was off to the races. I was thrilled at this point because I was able to start doing things I hadn’t done for years like running, swimming, biking, etc. In May, my Plantar Fasciitis was cured, in August I completed my first Triathlon followed by another in September. By November I ran my first Marathon. Shocking. The only negative to all of this activity was that I probably ramped up my workload a bit too fast, and didn’t take my foot off the gas pedal until I came down with another foot issue- this time it was a Morton’s Neuroma. Having received multiple treatments throughout this time for minor tweaks here and there, I knew who to schedule an appointment with. The very technique that cured my plantar fascia (Graston Technique) was put to work on the ball of my foot to remove the scar tissue that had been built up causing numbness in my toes. If you Google “Morton’s Neuroma treatments” that you would receive from a podiatrist, the treatments are daunting (surgery/side-effect inducing injections), so I was happy to know that Strafford Chiropractic would offer an alternatively safe, minimally invasive option. Since then I had also been diagnosed with Achilles tendonitis and my podiatrist recommended THE GRASTON TECHNIQUE. Within a few treatment sessions my Achilles felt much better, and I had a noticeable reduction in the amount of scar tissue in the affected area. Dr. Jenn even coached me through a number of strengthening exercise which helped me gain strength in my foot, ankle, and calf. I may sound like a train wreck with all of these injuries within just a few years, however I’ve never been out of commission for a long period of time because of the care that I receive at Strafford Chiropractic from Dr. Jenn Hartmann and Amie Hamel. I keep coming back because I know that they offer me the best course of care in a kind, caring, and compassionate way. I would strongly recommend that anyone who has any type of functional discomfort/ soft tissue injury, or to anyone who wants to unwind, de-stress, and loosen up, to call the experts at Strafford Chiropractic and Healing Center. You owe it to yourself

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